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Selkie Sensuals is a product line of natural & organic bath & body items to help you feel clean & sexy. We make your order when you order, or make small batches (of certain best-sellers only), never will your order come from a shelf where items have sat for a long time.

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Question: What type of toiletry oils are there, which do you use, which do you not use and why?

There are a number of oils used in cosmetics and bath/body products. For this post, I will be writing only about the kind used to scent products, rather than the “fixed” oils such as sweet almond, jojoba, etc. which are used as base ingredients.

  • Essential oils: Essential oils, often seen just as EO’s are derived from plants by way of distillation, expression, or extraction. They are used in a number of bath and body type products and some can also be used to flavour foods. These oils come straight from the plant, with no additives. Clove EO, or “Oil of Clove”, is exactly that. Clove oil, nothing more. Most people consider EO’s to be the most basic, natural oils one can use in cosmetic/toiletry applications. The techniques and methods for producing essential oils was first introduced by Ibn al-Baitar, who was a chemist, physician, and pharmacist from Andalucia, Spain. Some essential oils should not be put directly on the skin (nor be directly ingested) due to a number of negative possible effects (allergic reactions, irritation, etc). This is why essential oils are placed into a carrier oil (such as olive or almond oil).
  • Natural oils: Natural oils/Natural fragrance oils, are listed under the blanket term fragrance oils. I make the distinction between natural oils and fragrance oils because what I refer to as natural oils are essential oils already placed into carrier oils (almond, palm, etc). They are still natural, just not in their (EO) unadulterated form. This type of oil can be safer than EO for direct contact, as the carrier oil dilutes the possible negative effects of the EO.
  • Fragrance oils: Fragrance oils (sometimes referred to as aromatic oils) are synthetically produced scent oils made to smell like actual flowers, fruits, etc. Also included in this list would be the artificial flavour oils for making lip balms or cooking.

So, what types of oils does Selkie Sensuals use? Selkie Sensuals uses ONLY essential oils and natural oils. We use NO artificial fragrance oils (*with the exception of the Magickal Mermaid Intention Line). We believe in making our products with natural ingredients, organic and vegan whenever possible. Using no synthetically created fragrances (*) is just one part of our mission to create all-natural bath and body products, but it is a part we are very serious about.

(*Magickal Mermaid Intention Tins/Lotions DO use some “aroma oils”. These are the types you would find in botanicas or metaphysical shops for specific purposes such as “Come to Me” oil. These oils are not used in any other applications.)

Until next time…Stay Sensual!