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Selkie Sensuals is a product line of natural & organic bath & body items to help you feel clean & sexy. We make your order when you order, or make small batches (of certain best-sellers only), never will your order come from a shelf where items have sat for a long time.

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Ask Serenity  

Question: How did you come up with the name “Selkie Sensuals”?

It all started when I was born on a Monday morning in July. I was born under the zodiac sign of Cancer, a water sign. Though I admit I am not much of a swimmer, I do so love the water. With that love of water came a love of water creatures, including mermaids, sirens, and selkies as well as those we often see like dolphins, sea stars, etc.

So, I am discussing business names with my husband (who just happens to have a great nose for scent blends!) and we thought something revolving around water would be perfect, since most people use water when they bathe. (grin) The second thing we wanted to convey is that when one is clean and feels good and rejuvenated, one also can feel sexier. We think that women often get caught up in the rat race that is everyday life and forget to take time for themselves, forget that they can be sexy and sensual. The name Selkie Sensuals nearly popped into both of our heads at the same time and we didn’t even throw any other ideas around, it was perfect.

The whole idea behind our product line was to create products that help a woman tap into her inner Goddess, to feel the sensual side of herself and not feel ashamed or shy about it, but to just go with it. At the same time, our products can be used daily, not just the night of that hot date. They are gentle on the skin and full of nourishing butters, oils, and waxes.

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…Until next time, stay Sensual…