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Selkie Sensuals is a product line of natural & organic bath & body items to help you feel clean & sexy. We make your order when you order, or make small batches (of certain best-sellers only), never will your order come from a shelf where items have sat for a long time.

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Since 1998, Selkie Sensuals has been handcrafting quality, natural, bath and body products. We are a small family-owned and family-run “cottage” business and we use only natural ingredients, and do no animal testing. A great deal of time and care is put into the creation of each and every product, with soaps made in small batches to ensure less time sitting on a shelf somewhere. We test all of our products, and use them in our home. As we like to say…At Selkie Sensuals, the only animals we test on, are ourselves!

We are happy to participate in the movement toward socially and environmentally responsible business with affordable and pleasing items for your health & beauty.

Serenity began crafting in 1998, disinterested in using the harsh chemical body products found in stores everywhere. She knew there had to be an affordable, natural alternative, but many of the natural soaps and body products she found were too expensive. Instead of giving into the call of the chemicals, Serenity instead began researching how to make her own products and shortly after, began creating for her family and friends. This developed into Selkie Sensuals. Serenity enjoys creating and crafting and takes much care and pride in making sure each product is natural, good for you and affordable.

Al joined Selkie Sensuals in 2009 and though he had no prior soap or body product producing knowledge, he is an engineer and has managed to apply scientific reasoning and just plain creativity to assist in the creation of new and completely awesome soaps and scent blends! He is definitely a true asset to Selkie!

P.I.T. is our apprentice and also tests products. His favourite product is the Sniffly Selkie Sinus Balm…during allergy season, Serenity has to hide the extras from him!